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Set of two coasters made of epoxy resin with alcohol ink. Colors are blue, white and silver. They are 5" in diameter.  If you have family members who like to put things like this in their mouths, we recommend NOT purchasing these. Epoxy should not be put in mouths. 

Twilight Coasters

SKU: 2020C1
  • Please note that we are small sole proprietors and not the big box companies. Nothing you see is mass produced or even re-printed. Whatever you ordered was carefully handmade and may have unique flaws that add to the unique design. We request that you select your items carefully. If you get it and just don't care for it, we request that you pay for return shipping and we will do what we can to make your purchase a happy experience.


    Shipping is set by weight at check out. Items are typically sent via USPS. Tracking will be provided once item is shipped.


    To purchase, please contact the artist at You'll be sent a Venmo payment option. If you do not have Venmo then other arrangements will be made. 



We're two sisters who are just regular women with a lot of ideas. The gears, lists and creative thoughts are always running. Like most of you, we have a variety of interests, personas and talents. You'll likely see things that don't go together; such as, a t-shirt that states "I love Jesus, but I cuss a lot." That's because we're just real. Our shop will showcase our multi-faceted creations.  We are based in the USA and all of our items are our original creations and we have the copyright. Why the name, Kinkymusings? Kinky... get your mind out of the gutter! We are naturally curly with twisted sense of humor while simultaneously in deep thought or reflecting daily. 

Note that because our items are hand made and not mass produced - each is an original and will have flaws. That's the nature of a hand made item. It's also one of the things that makes them enjoyable!

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