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We are still setting up our shipping policy and will up date this section asap. Note that for items already posted, we will ship those within 4 days of payment unless otherwise stated. Custom orders will be discussed and shipping will be confirmed with your artist. 


We are US based artists with a passion for what we do. We care about your satisfaction with our products. We can be commissioned for special orders, but please know that many of the mediums we work in have a mind of their own. Part of the art is up to the artists and some is up to the medium! If you purchase from us, you're agreeing to be patient, kind and understanding. At the same time, we'll do what we can to ensure your satisfaction. 


Venmo YOUR Artist: 

Nicole is: @Nicole-Cox-Austin

Stephanie is: @Stephanie-McQuay

Paypal and other options may be discussed with your artist.

All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping unless otherwise agreed upon with your artist. 

Custom orders will be discussed over the phone and payment will be communicated at that time.


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